SundaeSwap’s announcment to stimulate a reversal of the unintended consequence of centralisation has started a massive migration of ADA to be migrating (back) to single pools, extending their ISO for one more Epoch to help push power back to the edges!

A lot of criticism, both valuable and less constructive has been uttered, and we feel as beneficiaries of the reverse ISO that is happening, we should formulate a position on the how and why of these “interferences” in the motion of decentralization. First of all, we’d like to experess sympathy for any and all Polls that are working hard and dilligent with delayed gratification as a rule, not an exception. we’re fighting the same battle, were rowing in the same direction. Second of all, there is some initial ambivalence about the reverse ISO being to a smaller selection, and theres valid grounds for criticism there, although we must note a couple of points.

  1. Doing a massive online voting event requires some nerve, and will unequivocally result in some unintended consequences, centralising stake and entities spinning up more pools is one of the things I feel could have been predicted and future events and projects will have to find ways to take this into account and mitigate its occurance. Let us not that these “mistakes”benefit all of the Cardano Ecosystem as long as we can sift through the noise and extract the lesson to be learned.
  2. The claims that Sundae should “stay away from meddling in decentralisation” is one I’ve been reading quite a bit, and there’s merit in the claim, but we can’t just highlight one part of the story. The rationale for delegation to Sundae (even if all the pools were saturated) is one that lies deeply rooted in lackluster information, willfull blindness and stubbornnes on the delegators part. The risk-reward breakdown is nowhere near as mathematical and emotionfree as IOHK rationalised in their papers.
  3. Undertaking an action to reverse some of the “damage” the ISO has cause can be hecled, but should also be seen as an approach to make amends, to help mitigate the moves of stake and push back a little bit towards the equilibrium rather then away from it. Though nobody wants to be comforted by the one that just hurt them, so from an emotional perspective i can see why these comments arise.

On a final note, STAYK is gratefull to be included in this attempted repair, and we’ll do our best to make durable incentives for people to stay in small, unsaturated pools that have a mindset and goals that align with #Cardano and its ideals. And realise a second thing,


So our ideals become reality if we act them out, not if we point to those that aren’t.

Thank you all and please, reach out to me @STAYKPool if you have any comments or questions.