We’ve all had periodes in our lives where we notice a decline in mental health, be it from work related stress, anxiety or otherwise. And if we don’t, we know someone that does.

STAYK has commited itself to join the Push up Challenge organized by Push for Better , an honorable mention for Pete Bui from ADAOZ Stakepool in Australia for the onboarding 😉

If you want to follow up on our progress, struggles and victories, want to join in or straight up donate some to the good cause? Theres some ways to do this! check out below!

  1. Donate ADA by sending it to the following address: addr1q9jeak29jnpnag6euxjeewucjjtkvy2cffm3vztw79nh573yusqjmyygw7r86a8g5rgemkut0wwf69t866lfucacmdkqmy88dw

PLEASE ONLY SEND ADA, NO OTHER CRYPTOCURRENCIES AT RISK OF LOSING THEM, All funds in the wallet will be bought up at current rates to be added to the stack!

2. Donate directly using Paypal or other methods listed on Our personal Page

Reach out to us if you have any questions regarding the initiative!

*UPDATE* 13-06-2022

Hey everyone, thanks for tuning in to read how things are going!

So far the Push for Better initiative proves a real challenge, between juggling regular workouts, a family, work and Cardano related stuff it’s good way to feel what its like to have alot on your plate. I recommend anyone joining the fun and include yourself in the team 😉 (link here)

How is fundraising going so far?

Well, to be honest, its a lot harder then you might guess, in a time wher epeople havent spent much money due to covid, and mental health being in the spotlight, youd expect people eager to help out, especially since donating is easy, and can be literally any amount! even including sending some ADA wich we will convert. Sadly we haven’t gotten the engagement we hoped for just yet. But that might change in the near future.

Our teams captain has had a bit of a drawback himself from all the work piling up, and suffered some of it up close. All the more reason to be pushing on for the cause!

All in all, we keep going, the initiative is growing and Patryk from BIO Pool also joined, so lets go everyone, feel like inflicting some voluntairy pain? join us!

Bas @ Stayk Pool