Stayk Pool receiving IOG

First of all, we’d like to restate the grattitude we feel for the Cardano Community nominating us. As every pool finds ways to contribute and interact with the community, it’s nice to see and hear that people appreciate the contributions we try to bring. Second of all, we realize all to well that though our trajectory has been upwards, this welcome boost may also come with somewhat of a ‘hangover’ when the wallet leaves again. This short article serves to try and give some perspective on what we can expect moving forward.

More Blocks, More ADA right?

Yes, in a way more blocks means more ADA, in an absolute sense. In a relative sense, your wallet size as a percentage of the total stake has actually dropped, meaning you’ll receive a lower percentage. But please, do not panic, as youll receive a lower percentage of a vastly greater amount of rewards. In Short: the IOG wallet gets most of the ADA, but it also makes sure we get not 0.5 block per Epoch, but roughly 3.8 blocks on average. That’s eight times as much!

Where previously, there were empty epochs to be expected, that chance has now significantly dropped. The chances of STAYK not minting a block have dropped to 2,59% (see chart below)

STAYK’s chances of minting X amount of blocks per epoch on the current active stake.

And the best news about that is yet to come. As some of you know, and some won’t, is that the fixed fee of 340 ADA a pool is ‘required’ to subtract from every first block per epoch. If you only mint a block per epoch, relative cost is high. Every second, third, fourth block etc are 99% for the delegators, and that is visible on your reward address!

Ok, so whatsup with my StaykCoins then?

People holding $STAYK will be pleased, as our promise to share a part of that mandatory 340 ADA fee is solidified in the concept of StaykCoins. In short: 20% of that 340 ADA (68 ADA) per non-zero blocks epoch is being stored in the treasury. Every ADA you delegate is eligable for a StaykCoin (sometimes in a 2:1 ratio) and they represent a share of that treasury, redeemable at any time (providing the fee for transferring can be subtracted) For the next two and a half months every epoch will increase the treasury by 68 ADA, and holding StaykCoins give you a claim to a portion!

The total supply of $STAYK in the owner wallet. These coins do not hold value here, but they do once they’re in your wallet!


Stayk has 3,3 million ADA delegated through IOG, meaning well regularly mint blocks for the next 2,5 months making rewards more stable, slighly higher and more reliable. Stake with us now and claim a part of our profit through $STAYK.

Read more on and reach out to or DM @STAYKPool if you have any questions!

The team @Stayk

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