Giveaway Winner Announced!

Hey everyone, the giveaway we hosted has ended, and all participants have been entered in a wheel of names πŸ™‚

One lucky winner is drawn and we will correspond with them regarding their prizes!

Look for their detailed #SPOt-light HERE πŸ˜‰

Thank you so much for taking the time check out our plans! I’m Jarred, the creator of the DexoWorlds CNFT project:

We are planning to do a number of collaborations with small SPOs, with the ultimate goals of using the profits from the DexoWorlds projects to support these pools and the network for a period of time, bring attention to our project and some small pools, as well as to strengthen the bonds between the CNFT and SPO communities.

Specifically, we are looking for 5 small (<1M) pools to join DexoWorlds and [STAYK] pool! Please check out our proposal below, and reach out if you would like your pool to be considered. Also get it touch if you have any suggestions, concerns, or comments:

  • 1. DexoWorlds will stake its profit wallet (minimum of 15K ADA), with a small pool for 2 epochs. After these 2 epochs, the profit wallet will move to the next pool.
  • 2. DexoWorlds will announce to our followers on Twitter and Discord the relationship with the pool and encourage delegations
  • 3. The pool will announce the relationship with DexoWorlds on their platforms
  • 4. DexoWorlds will also provide at least one NFT from the collection to be given away or airdropped to delegates of that pool during the period. How the giveaway is performed can be decided together on a case-by-case basis!
  • 5. The pool is free to suggest other ways they might plan to support DexoWorlds, and creativity is definitely appreciated!
  • 6. At the beginning of the campaign, we will delegate 1000 ADA to each of the pools selected. Then we will rotate the main profit wallet through each of the pools as outlined in point 1.
  • 7. Any profits generated during the 2-epoch relationship between DexoWorlds and the pool will remain delegated to that pool for a minimum of 36 epochs (~6 months), with the initial 1k ADA staying delegated in any case.
  • 8. After an initial trial period of 2 months, with 6 different pools, we will evaluate how the program went together with the involved SPOs and decide how to proceed in the following epochs.
  • 9. The first pool involved will be [STAYK], and the proceeding 5 others will be chosen based on the outcome of the application process and discussions.

Things we’re looking for in a pool might include (but are not limited to):

  • Creative or fun ideas of how we can work together
  • Prior involvement with CNFTs or the CNFT community
  • Some Mission-driven pools, including ones supporting causes close to science
  • 5+ years of working experience as an SPO (just kidding on that one πŸ˜‰ )


If you are an SPO of a small pool (<1M ADA delegated) and would be interested in forming a relationship with us, or if you have comments regarding the above proposal, please reach out to Jarred on discord (preferred), on twitter, or via email.

Discord: pastaplease#2823 //