SPOt-light #008 [@CryptoFly777]

  1. Hello CryptoFly777, Tell us a little bit about yourself, what are your areas of expertise? (Tech, finance), how did you learn about Cardano and what led you to adopt the role you currently play in the ecosystem?

Hey! My name is Linda. I am a production engineer from Germany. I learned about Cardano at the start of this year while I was investing on the Etoro platform. I always had an interest in cryptocurrency but it was always either too hard to get invested, or I always thought it was just the wrong time.
As for my role in the ecosystem, I’m not sure I have one! I am just little ole Linda!

  1. Sifting through your Tweet history and seeing what you’re involved in, one thing struck me as particularly interesting: Robotics and AI how did that develop and is there space in the future to see more of you in that area?

With my degree in production engineering, there is a focus on automation. It plays a fairly large role in todays production facilities so that’s how I got into it. My love of AI however came about in sort of a two pronged moment. A playstation game, Detroit – Become Human, and the discovery of Sophia from Hanson Robotics/SingularityNet.
I just find these things absolutely fascinating and it is quite simply the way of the future in so many aspects of our lives. There is also no better feeling to program a robot and to see it then carry out those tasks.

  1. As you are a TestNet SPO, what is the current state of your Pool, how is it setup and are you enjoying the challenges?

It is nearly ready to go onto the mainnet! It is currently set up using digital ocean servers. It has 1 relay and 1 blockproducer now but I will look to spin up another one or two relay nodes once it hits the mainnet. The challenges have been interesting. Despite having some programming knowledge, it has been outside of what I am used to so it’s been a pretty big step.
I am enjoying it though! I like to push my boundaries and learn new skills. I am very tenacious and I refuse to give up until I have got it right!

  1. Were there any problems, obstacles to overcome on the way, and if yes, how did you tackle them, what resources did you use? And yes, people can be resources 😉

There was a very steep learning curve for me. That was a bit of an obstacle! Thankfully there is a lot of resources online to be able to pull from. The community has already put a lot of information out there for us to follow which is great! The community, in particular Pete from ADAOZ (@cardanodeau) has been my biggest resource.
Pete is just simply great. Incredibly patient and knowledgeable and has helped me every step of the way.
Security has probably been the biggest thing. I was always “secure” with what I did online but to see the layers and layers and layers of security that I had to apply to my pool was eye opening.
It is great though! I have learnt so much!

  1. You plan to launch on the Mainnet in the foreseeable future I presume, is there a gameplan, is it going to be coupled with the NFT endeavors? Can you share some details?

Yep! I do! Hopefully in the next week or so. Just a few small details that need to be cleared up and then we will launch. I also have a mission plan behind the pool where some of the profits will be used to bring internet to mountainous areas in West Papua. I need to clarify a few things to ensure that this is a viable mission.
The logistics around this are incredibly complex given that the areas have no roads and are serviced purely by air.
The CNFT sales are a bit difficult to tie into the pool. I might use the sales of them to cover rewards to early delegates while we aren’t minting blocks.

  1. Your are probably best known for the drawing you made of Charles Hoskinson, it is truly remarkable, even if we only saw the digital version, how did that come to be?

Arguably, I could say that I am best known for my sass and absolutely burning a disrespectful guy and that burn got Charles attention haha!

Ah, right, how could i forget that!

But thank you for the praise! I appreciate it!
That picture came to be out of respect and inspiration of Charles. With his vision and leadership, it is a great project to get behind and change lives. The current way isn’t working and it is time to change that.
The drawing itself took around 35hrs to draw. I created an idea that I felt reflected his image and personality and set to work.

  1. So, a bit more on the NFT’s. There is a tremendous amount of them already, varying from tokens, images, music, concerts, paintings. Which one is your favorite piece, and why?

Oh boy! I genuinely cannot answer that one! At least not with a singular favourite piece.
I am really enjoying The Cardanian (@CardanianNFT) snow globe series! I was made into one there which I thought was incredible. There is a lot of different avenues that they can explore there and I look forward to seeing more.
Claymates are just simply amazing. I find their marketing hilarious and they are one of the few twitter accounts that I have notifications turned on for. Even if it is just for the hilarity of their tweets.
The Hoskinsons was an interesting series that I feel delivered a lot of interest and spotlight onto the CNFT space.
I also LOVE what Sam (@gcuriom) is doing with his Cryptoverse series. His second god (goddess) is just out now and it is STUNNING.
Then I have two new amazing artists that have just joined my Discord server that I have bought over from the Dark Side of the ETH universe. @Atreyu_Art and @JulieLouise20.
I could be here all night listing them all!

  1. We’ve talked briefly before, and your vision on NFT’s is quite particular, you look for specific attributes, can you walk us through that focus?

I am really really big on “Use Case.” Whether that be that the CNFT has a use case baked into it, or there is a platform that is created in that we can use the CNFTs in some way, then that is what I am looking out for.
I feel that when people invest these large amounts of ADA into an object that there should be some form of reward back from them other than just looking at them in a wallet that everyone else can see.
I really like what SushiBytes is doing and it is somewhat along the lines of what I want to do with a future drop of mine.

I also look for unique and highly detailed pieces. I mean no disrespect to other CNFT projects that don’t fit what I am focusing on, it is great that they are bringing diversity to the CNFT space, but I’m not a huge fan of seeing the same thing over multiple spaces.

  1. Why should people delegate their ADA to your pool, or what benefit do they get from supporting you once you go live?

I am a mission driven pool. I touched on it earlier in that I am intending to bring uncensored internet to remote areas of West Papua. It is connecting the unconnected.
It is a subject that is close to my heart and I was blown away to see that Cardano and World Mobile are doing the exact thing when the Africa Special aired.
Benefits? Changing the world!
In term’s of financial rewards, I am hoping that some of the future platforms that I build will be able to provide enough revenue that I will be able to pay rewards even if we do not mint a block.
But this is something I will revisit later. I don’t want to make any promises that I can’t keep and put the pool into a financially unviable position.

  1. Any final thoughts, special shout-outs (moms also count) or something we’ve missed along the way?

I think that I have managed to name drop most people throughout these questions haha!
My mum and I are super tight so of course first shoutout goes to her! Love you mum!

Maybe a special shoutout to Gab (@CardanoGab), Gabe (@GabeBeesGames), @SUNRISE_POOL, @EyeOfTheKing1 and @FahadoukenNFT from Twitter and @R.K. and @NotEXE on discord for being absolute MVPs and supporting my CNFT work.
Also a shoutout to ANYONE else who has bought any CNFTs of mine. You ALL have been able to get my pledge to an amount that I have realistically been able to launch my pool.
To all the Crypto friends that I have made on twitter. It is an incredible network to be involved in. I have never met such a supportive group of people.
@IOHK_Charles for the support and guidance that he has both given me and all of the cardano community. I am nothing short of grateful for his help.

I am sure that I have missed hundreds of people that I should be shouting out here. If I have, I am sorry! I do recognise you all!

Linda, thank you so much for taking the time to write this energetic story down, and I want to wish you all the best in the future endeavours. When your pool is alive and spitting blocks, well revisit this and catch up. In the meantime, ill make sure to stay tuned for any NFT related stuff, and ill know who te send my delegators to id they have questions regarding NFTs and your mission! Take care, stay safe and lets keep in touch 😉


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