Welcome potential delegators! Here you will find info on the current promotions we are running!

“You decentralize, We Incentivize”

Why do we run this promotion?

At Stayk Pool we strongly believe that the value and the price of ADA benefits when its distributed as widely and evenly as possible. The technology behind it steers for this distribution, but human behavior can change the outcomes significantly.

People tend to flock to the crowds, think of a crowded restaurant or a packed club/party. We tend to want to join the bigger groups. Often ignoring the extra waiting line in the restaurant, potential rush to re-sell the table your holding or waiting lines at the bar. We want to invite people from those busy places (pools) to join a smaller pool and help it get that block production going. Smaller pools usually provide accessible services and attractive promotions to help you if you bolster their potential.

Whats the incentive?

We have minted a native token called Stayk-Coin that acts similar to how Stocks work. The coins in circulation represent a part of the profit we make as a pool! Holding these coins gives you the right to claim your portion of those profits! For this promotion, you receive 2:1 ratio for your coins. If you stake 5.000 ADA, you’ll be rewarded with 10.000 Stayk Coins!

Sounds good! How do i join?

Define the situation that applies to you below, and skip tot that part for explanation on how to apply!

  1. I am staking my ADA in a (near) saturated pool. We define near saturation as “at or near 80% saturation or over 50 million active stake. => See step 4
  2. I am delegating to a Pool that runs multiple pools (1PCT, 1PCT2 etc ) (if you’re unsure, ask us) => See step 4!
  3. I have my ADA in an exchange (like Binance, Coinbase, Bitvavo etc) or my wallet stakes for me (Exodus/ADAlite) => See step 1

Steps by step:

  1. Proceed to download a Daedalus (https://daedaluswallet.io/en/download/) or Yoroi Wallet (https://yoroi-wallet.com/#/) and wait for it to install/synchronize. We advise Daedalus.
  2. Create a wallet, be VERY carefull in storing the 24-word phrase and your spending password.
  3. Send your ADA to the adress you copied from the “receive” tab in your deadalus wallet. Wait for funds to arrive. IMPORTANT: Send a screenshot of the amount you withdrew, and copy+paste the Transaction ID (TxID) and send that in an email to bas@staykpool.com. this is to confirm the delegated amount is indeed sent by you.
  4. Open the delegation centre in your Wallet, type: STAYK in the pool search bar and hit ‘delegate to this pool’ Follow the steps, enter your spending key and you are done!

Delegators Join us in Telegram and follow us on Twitter (@STAYKPool) to stay up to date!

By delegating your Ada to a stake pool, you will earn rewards. Any decent performing pool, big or small, will provide you with a 5-6% annual interest. At Staykpool, we’d like you to make more. With the Ada price growing and growing, we are confident that future pool profits can be shared with our early delegators. This helps us grow while maximizing your returns. With the help of Cardano’s native token functionality, we’ve created Stayk-coins. People delegating to STAYK will receive Stayk-coins on top of regular rewards. The more you stake with us, the more Stayk-coins you get. Once STAYK is profitable, 20% of pool profits are redistributed among everyone holding Stayk-coins.

The Longer you stay, the more we pay!

Some rules to clarify…

  1. To be eligible for participation in this promotion, all you need to do is delegate your wallet to STAYK. if your Stayk coins are not in your wallet by 2 business days, please reach out to us.
  2. Only initital delegations will be eligible for the 1:1 crediting. Additional ADA delegated must be at least 1000 ADA to be added to the balance.
  3. Current delegators will also benefit from the ongoing promotions. No need to redelegate if you are already in 😉
  4. Stayk Coins are tradeable between delegators. If you decide to move to another pool, you can trade these coins to other delegators, or sell them to us at their current value. please contact us via email if you wish to do so.
  5. Redeeming StaykCoins can only be done at a 2:1 ratio of active stake in the pool. For example, if you have 100.000 StaykCoins, and 20.000 active stake, you can only redeem 40.000 Coins. This is to discourage abuse.
  6. Contact about this promotion is done via emails to bas@staykpool.com, via Twitter @STAYKPool or via Reddit u/STAYK_Pool
  7. This is an ongoing promotion that is running untill we reach 2 million active stake. we wil reevaluate the proceedings regularly and share any considerations via our twitterfeed and website https://www.staykpool.com

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