Our very first external delegator has arrived!

Recenty, aided by the pool.pm tool created by @SmaugPool we have discovered that we have received our very first external delegator! This is ofcourse historical as only one can be the first.

He or She has been rewarded with a coresponding amount of Stayk-Coins multiplied by two, for his quick move.

The first delegator that is not a friend or familymember!

We hope that this is the first of many more to follow, and that he is here to STAYK 😉

We want to give a special thanks to :

  • Cardano Hubs https://twitter.com/thecardanohotel for hosting us on their podcast and bring about some noise concerning our pool!
  • Smaug at https://pool.pm/fd6049e6058460efa683a0e090e5b98d0ea1d6db539a5a9b0bc649de (@SmaugPool)
  • The guys at the F2LB initiative (https://www.f2lb.org) for the help minting the tokens we give out as rewards, and for more technical support.
  • Everyone that has been with us so far!

Bas @ StaykPool

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